Not Another Metal Site!

Oh! Well, hello there we weren’t expecting any company today. *Peels off fancy garbage bag coat*

But now that you are here, welcome! Let us tell you a bit about this place, handsome or handsomette(?) This website is powered by San Diego’s finest professional slackers who are in league with Stan…Hmmm….

The professional heathens in question are none other than the notorious snobbish broke ass Jenny Oh, and her least favorite brother with an impressive chug record, Chuggo the Klown. Together they bring you the most brutal metal shows and album reviews! so long as their wallets permit them

Beware! This site is NOT for the faint of heart and may induce a stroke and deth 2 grammer nahzis cuz its philled with drunken grammatycul errurs!

Due to the wickedness of adulthood, Jenny Oh and Chuggo promise to slack hard and headbang harder!

-Jenny Oh and Chuggo the Klown



Presented By Jenny Oh and Chuggo the Klown